Why India should be your next holiday destination


Traveling in India is a truly amazing experience; the country overloads the senses with its cacophony of sounds, rich culture and traditions, and its vibrant colors and liveliness. India as a tourist destination carves a deep, lasting, and life-changing impression on a traveler. The country has too much to explore and will undoubtedly leave you spellbound. India is famous in the world for the best tourist spot and every state of India offers you something to cheers.  

India has everything and a perfect tourist place for every individual looking for adventure, safari, wildlife, natural seeking places, spiritual places, history & architecture, beaches, religious places and many more.

Why India should be your next holiday destination
10 Reasons that make India as a Tourist Destination

Pack your bags & book your next flight to India & let Hindustan Yatra give you the most surprising reasons & facts why India should be your next tourist destination? Are you ready? Here are the details.

10 Reasons that make India as a tourist destination

Indian Hospitality

The Indian people undoubtedly are the kindest, hospitable, and welcoming people you have ever encountered in the world.

Indian treat guest as God; they have a very famous saying “Atithi Devo Bhava” that means the guest is God.  It is an honor for them to have a guest in their home, you will witness many times a great gesture of inviting you for a traditional meal. You will definitely touch by the warm welcome of the locals.  Indian hospitality is incomparable so pack your bags and book tickets to visit India & experience the ultimate love & best hospitality of the world.

Why India should be your next holiday destination
Indian Hospitality

The food

Indian food is simply spectacular – spicy, rich taste, sweet, the food is itself enough reason to travel to India. You will taste some of the most delicious food in India. Just like India, there are so many diversities in the food as well. In India, you will find the best cuisine, grilled skewered meat, traditional spicy curries, street foods, and much more.

If you are a food lover, trust me, India is the best place where all the delicious foods are waiting for you. You will taste thick creamy texture curries in the north which are a bit spicy. The most famous are Motion Rogan josh, tandoori chicken, and parathas. In the South, you will find mostly spicy cuisine with natural ingredients such as coconut, rice, & seafood. The famous cuisines are fish coconut curries and masala dosas. As India has a large population of Hindus who are vegetarians, so the country has so many amazing vegetarian dishes.

Why India should be your next holiday destination
Variety of foods options in India

The country has enormous delicious street foods as well such as Chhole Bhature, Aloo Tikki, Dahi Puri, Vada Pav, Akki Roti, Pav Bhaji, Poha-Jalebi, Paddu, Galouti Kebabs, Kachori, Moong, Daal Bhaji, Egg Roll.

The Taj Mahal

The great Taj Mahal, one among the Seven Wonders of the World is a beautiful destination to all the travelers visiting India.  Visiting the Taj Mahal is breath-taking; your trip to India is incomplete without a visit to the Taj Mahal.

It is an iconic symbol of India and the most popular tourist attraction points in the world.

Why India should be your next holiday destination
Taj Mahal, one among 7 wonders of the world

The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built this symbol of love as a memorial to his beloved wife. The famous poet Rabindra Nath Tagore said a wonderful line about the Taj Mahal “teardrop on the face of eternity.” The monuments are covered with beautiful white marble & visiting the Taj Mahal in the moon makes it the most beautiful architecture in the world.


When it’s come to travel spending, India considers one of the most economical countries. It ranked 10th most affordable country by World Economic Forum (WEF) Travel and Tourism. You can get Luxurious accommodation at a very affordable price, eating delicious food and exploring in India cost very little indeed. If you planning for a vacation at a budgeted price, then pack you back and book the first flight to India.


India is the only country where you can enjoy the unique, vibrant & most colorful festivals. Plenty of festivals are celebrating in India, which is a true manifestation of its traditions and lively culture.  Every state of India has its own specialty & the famous festivals of India are Holi, Diwali, Onam, Janmashtami, Pongal, Ganesh Chaturthi, and many more. 

Why India should be your next holiday destination
Festivals in India

The most exciting festivals in north India are Diwali & Holi. Diwali celebrates in Oct/Nov & you can enjoy fireworks while Holi celebrates in April and it is the festival of color. To get the unforgettable experience of Holi & Diwali, you should be at Mathura (Vrindavan & nearby area) & Ayodhya respectively. Tamil Nadu’s Pongal is famous for the bullfight, Maharashtra famous for Ganesh Chaturthi & Kerala’s famous for Onam that would present snake boat, Kathakali performance, and flower decorations. Every state in India has its own festivals & if you are lucky to be there, you can become part of these fantastic festivals.

The holiest river of the world

The holiest river of the world, Ganges River runs thousands of miles from the Northern Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal. It is the most sacred river to all the Hindus in India and around the world; the Ganges is more than a river. The Hindus believe it transports their prayer to heaven and they dip in the Ganges River to purify their souls.

Why India should be your next holiday destination
Holiest Rivers in India

Many Hindus make a pilgrimage to one of the oldest cities Varanasi to take part in the ceremonies the dead along the banks of holiest Ganges. Hindus also believe if their ashes wash away in the Ganges River, their souls escape the cycle of rebirth and guaranteed transport to heaven.

Religion and spirituality

India is the country of all major religions of the world. Although it is the birthplace of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christian & Muslim population are also living in India. Being a tourist, you will have ultimate fun, seeing the spiritual people performing their rituals in temples and holy places spread all across India.  You must visit Tiruvannamalai’s fire mountain temple, Puri’s Jagannath Mandir, Madurai’s colorful Meenakshi Amman Temple, Golden Temple in Amritsar and many more.

Why India should be your next holiday destination
Many Religions in India

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India is the best place in the world for tourists looking for Yoga & spiritual learning. Various places in India like Rishikesh, Dharamsala, and Pondicherry have several where you can stay and learn the science of Yoga. A lot of tourists & so many public figures have visited India to learn Yoga, meditation & spiritual enlightenment.

Why India should be your next holiday destination
The best place of Yoga in the World

Glaciers of India

India is the country which provides you the real adventures and a lot of fun on your holiday vacation. In India, you will find so many breath-taking glaciers.

There is a beautiful Siachen glacier in the north-central part of Jammu & Kashmir. It is known as the longest glacier with 72-km in the world. It is near the Indian and Tibet border.

Why India should be your next holiday destination
Siachen Glacier

To the east of Siachen glaciers, there is the Rimo glaciers group which is the group of three glaciers, the north, central and south. The attitude of these giant glaciers is 6000-7000 m above sea level, and it has 700 sq.-km of ice.

Gangotri Glacier is another breath-taking glacier that welcomes you in India. It is in the Kumaon Himalayan Mountain range with an altitude of 3353 meters. The beautiful Pindari River starts from the Gangotri glacier.

There are also many other glaciers in India such as Pindari glacier, Zemu glacier, Milam glaciers, Namik Glacier, Sona glacier, and many more.

If you are an adventurous person, India is the perfect place for you.

History & Architecture

India is a lovely and architecturally diverse country. You will witness here many historical places such as forts, mosques, palaces, monuments, temples, and ancient ruins. It has the world’s oldest civilization; the architecture is rooted in its culture, history, and religion. The architectural styles evolved under the influence of the enormous colonial period. India has up to 32 UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites which make India a beautiful country of the world.

Why India should be your next holiday destination
Great History of India

Himalaya Mountains

India is the country of beautiful mountains in the world; the world’s highest mountain peaks including, Everest, Kanchenjunga and K2 are part of India. You can have fun vacations in the Himalaya Mountains.

The Himalayan mountain chain in India is the world’s most cherished travel resort, with so many exciting outdoor activities awaiting you to be explored. The beauty of the Himalaya, enormous wildlife, the kindest people draw millions of tourists every year to India.

Ministry of Tourism provides a lot of safe and sound activities at the Himalayan range. You can enjoy water rafting, trekking, skiing, hiking and mountain biking on your vacations to India.


Among all the attraction points, the point you never missed is the shopping. India is famous for handicrafts, antiques, clothes, jewelry, shoes & handbags, scented products, skincare products, and a lot more here. Shopping in India will be always interesting and enthusiastic. So never miss shopping in India when you visit.

Why India should be your next holiday destination
Best place for Shopping

There are many more reasons that can excite you to plan your next trip to India only and in the upcoming posts, we would share many more things and exciting places to visit in India so stay tuned with us.

Sign off as of now and will see you soon in the next post. Thanks for your love & support.


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